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SETI: Discussions and Review SciFi

Kinkajou Tells It True: The biggest problem with the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence is defining what constitutes success. For all too many citizens of the human race, success is defined as having ET knock on the door and say hello, or having ET set up an embassy down the road. This type of success is unlikely.

There is evidence of unusual events in and around the earth, which are strongly consistent with the activities of extra-terrestrial intelligences. Perhaps look in the sky late at night or very early in the morning. Planes, meteorites and satellites have distinctive visual signatures or appearances.

And some would say so do UFOs. They often move up to 3 times faster than a satellite and are capable of rapid directional changes. They do not have the approach pattern/vector of a meteorite or the disintegration pattern of meteorite. The lights/movements/ and appearances are not consistent with planes. They are unidentified flying objects.

We may even be looking for the wrong types of signatures of alien intelligence. Gravitational distortions consistent with the activities of gravity drives may well be a better signature marker for ET’s and their spaceships.

Electromagnetic spectrum transmissions are likely to have trended to higher frequencies due to the ability to code higher amounts of information per time segment, if high frequencies are utilised for communication. The digital communication here resides within the Gigahertz frequency range, not in the Megahertz frequency range.

The Fermi Paradox looms ominously on the horizon. If they should exist, maybe they did. The universe should team with extra-terrestrial life. But it is logical to assume that a species that acts to suppress other species would have a significant advantage in the galactic colonisation and survival stakes



KinkajouKinkajou : Examples from Science Fiction referring to this technology include:

Ian Douglas’s Heritage Trilogy notably the novel “Luna Marine” gives an excellent consideration of the Fermi paradox in a package of good fun reading. They may well be out there – but there is no reason to think that they need to be friendly as well.

Imagine discovering real aliens than finding that they are like the aliens in the movie series “Aliens”. You would almost wish that you had never left home.



KinkajouKinkajou : Allan Dean Foster: Interlopers. The author proposes that hidden monsters in the world around us are responsible for many of the diseases we suffer. Maybe the aliens are already here, all around us.

The proposal is interesting in that it looks at the aliens being close to us, rather than in the galaxy far away. Our own world may be marvel enough to hide many wonders and horrors.

Probably the friendliest alien scenario is the one featured in Star Trek where we are discovered by the Vulcans. As they flip around the galaxy they perceive a signal from a Warp drive and come to investigate.

Discovering humanity they unite us and give us a motivation to move together into space. Humanity can leave behind the terror of nuclear conflict and move forward as one. I think we would be very lucky to be discovered by Vulcans.



Berkeley SEI Search
Berkeley SEI Search



KinkajouKinkajou : What does this technology remind me of in Brisbane? :

The Mount Cootha Planetarium is worth a visit. Visiting a remote area such as Stradbroke island or one of the Bay Islands/finding a quiet light to free spot and watching the skies for UFOs certainly beckons – but only to a few.


Mt Cootha Planetarium
Mt Cootha Planetarium at Brisbane



KinkajouKinkajou : Clever New Applications:

Binoculars, Blanket, Bug spray and warm clothes. Use them! And if they offer to take you to their planet, remember there’s probably no bus service for coming home, from the ET zoo.


KinkajouKinkajou : Drake Equation > Fermi Paradox